ABOUT OUR COMPANY Radiant Creations has achieved exciting multiple breakthroughs creating truly remarkable products in skin protection and hydration, anti-aging, liver health, weight balance, and select OTC products by scientifically combining advanced technologies developed in the Western World with knowledge of naturally acting herbs and extracts, proven in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and seldom or never before seen in Western products. the technique to extract herbal supplements greatly affects their potential effectiveness and Radiant’s scientists are among the most knowledgeable in the world in this expertise.

The Radiant Creations Group (Radiant) (Trading Symbol-RCGP) develops and markets unique and proprietary scientific technologies, as well as cosmetic and over-the-counter products for personal enhancement. These products combine new technologies with herbal extracts from centuries of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The developer of our products is Dr. Yin-Xiong Li, M.D. Ph.D. who is a world-renowned geneticist and a Chief Medical Officer in China. In June of 2013 Radiant, in an asset acquisition, acquired an exclusive license agreement for Dr. Li’s patented, patent pending and trade secret technologies that includes “Enhanced Broad-Spectrum UV Radiation Filters and Methods” which is an improvement application for DNA protection from UV radiation. Dr. Li remains Radiant’s chief scientific advisor assisting with the development of future products and further innovation.


The comprehensive asset acquisition includes several skin cosmetics products including Revivasol and Revivasol SPF 15. With this, Radiant brings an innovative approach to anti-aging technology with the introduction of Revivasol Anti-Aging and Moisturizing Creme. Revivasol seeks to create an environment in which the body’s natural healing mechanisms can thrive with less burden. Revivasol is the result of a worldwide search for exotic ingredient systems in conjunction with proven anti-aging ingredients including Acetyl-Octapeptide Snap-8. When these ingredients were formulated into Revivasol the combination produced accelerated and noticeable results. The skin is softer, age spots and wrinkles are reduced or eliminated due to creating an environment where the body can naturally heal. Revivasol also features an exotic timed release hydration system which forms a collagen based layer on the surface of the skin. The layer lasts up to 8 hours and by osmosis a natural hydration ingredient is evenly and near perfectly time released to assist in offloading the body’s need to repair dried and undernourished skin cells. This unique delivery system  is natural and houses all the combined ingredients selected by Dr. Li.


Radiant also has other innovative technologies in development through our exclusively patent and patent pending licensed by Dr. Li. These technologies include skin protection from the sun, UV radiation from tanning beds, and industrial UV sources.


Currently available for purchase is our Anti-Aging & Moisturizing Crème. In final production Radiant has Anti-Aging & Moisturizing Crème with SPF 15 and a sun block with SPF 30. Future cosmetic products include an over-the-counter acne treatment, a spot removing and whitening crème, and a nucleotide protection crème to guard against DNA damage.


Radiant’s nucleotide protection creme uses a unique technology developed by Dr. Li combined with the existing delivery system in Revivasol. This technology strips out the four nucleotide code molecules from DNA strands and uses them in a system that can provide up to 99% protection from DNA damage caused by high energy UV light, which is the major cause of aging and skin cancer. The harmful effects of sunburn are well known, but exposure to the UV radiation in sunlight does more than just damage the surface of the skin. DNA damage, such as free radicals, oxidative stress, and mutational changes can lead to cancer and other serious conditions.


Another exciting cutting edge product line currently under development for the dietary supplement market is our BioSalts. BioSalts have been formulated with an exclusive combination of natural Chinese herbal ingredients to assist the body in a number of ways. These include fat burning, weight loss, weight control, increased energy, enhanced sleep, tissue regeneration, lower blood pressure, and regulation of energy homeostasis. These are all benefits that one can expect from using our BioSalts products. As a supplement, it also promotes liver health.


Within Radiant lies a un-consolidated wholly owned subsidiary named NIT Enterprises Inc. (NITE). NITE was formed to further develop other specific applications that can be derived from the exclusively licensed patent and patent pending. NITE plans to explore the use of Nucleotides in areas such as protection from ionizing radiation, CBRN, bio-threat protection, industrial paint additives, hospital and medical applications and chemical protection for first responders. Additional information regarding these applications can be found in the NIT Enterprises Executive Summary available upon request and on the website at: www.NITEnterprises.com.