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The faces behind The Radiant Creations Group
Management Team
Gary R. Smith
Chairman, CEO & President

Mr. Gary Smith, as CEO of The Radiant Creations Group, Inc. brings a wealth of public company management experience. He has more than three decades of operational experience as a manager and CEO for several public and private companies. Mr. Smith joined the Renewable Corporation in March of 2012 where he serves as President and CEO. Recently, he presided over the spin-off of what is now Radiant Creations, serving as the Chairman and CEO.

In 2008, Mr. Smith purchased Superglass Windshield Repair franchises in the State of Florida, which are operated by his sons. He also owned a jet aircraft window restoration franchise, Aerospace Transparency Repair and Restoration, Inc.

Manpreet Singh
Director and COO

Mr. Singh has served as a CEO, COO, and CFO in financial and business management positions for several decades. He earned a BS in Accounting from Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business. In early 2011, after gaining several years of valuable experience in the corporate accounting environment Mr. Singh became a principle member in Merchant National, a provider in merchant banking services, serving the greater New York City area.

In August 2011 Mr. Singh joined PayScout, Inc., a credit card processing service. Mr. Singh currently remains as principle in Merchant National and PayScout, Inc. Mr. Singh joined the executive team at The Renewable Corporation in May 2012 as CFO and has been a valuable member of the team until his resignation in January 2013 to better focus on The Radiant Creations Group and the management of PayScout, Inc. and Merchant National, which strategically support the marketing arm of Radiant. He brings a unique ability to apply business and marketing strategies for the sale of new technologies, procedures, and policies to maximize on the success of Radiant.

Gary D. Alexander
Director, CFO and Corporate Secretary

Gary D. Alexander, is currently founder and chairman of Technology River Investments, a Florida based investment firm. He has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of accounting and investment management. His knowledge and skills include initiating public and private offerings for small companies, professional accounting services with “go-public” transactions, private placement syndications, mergers, and acquisitions. He has extensive experience in forensic and reconstructive accounting and litigation matters. He has appeared with counsel in mediation and/or with a special master representing broker-dealers as an auditor and consultant. He has also led and participated in projects in other fields, including the aviation industry, automotive, petroleum, internet services, telephone and VoIP industries, medical facilities, cosmetic and the entertainment, music and film industries.

Previously, Mr. Alexander was chairman of Treasure Coast Private Equity, a Florida based private equity firm that specializes in providing debt and equity resources for privately owned business seeking expansion capital. In December 2011, the Company was combined with Technology River Investments.

In January 2011, he was appointed as officer and member of the board of directors of Brick Top Productions, Inc. a Florida based film production company (BTOP) and in June 2013 he became director, chief financial officer and corporate secretary of The Radiant Creations Group, Inc. f.k.a Nova Mining Corporation. Through an asset acquisition, the company is designed to capitalize on innovative patented DNA based technologies to be used in the cosmetic and medical industries.

In December 2011, Mr. Alexander was appointed director, chief financial officer, corporate secretary and treasurer of The Renewable Corporation (RNWB), a state of Washington Corporation doing business in Florida. The company is a manufacturer and distributor of innovative and proprietary surface coatings and nano-bonding products.

In November 2007, Mr. Alexander was appointed outside/independent director of FirstPlus Financial Group, Inc. (FPFX) a former member of the New York Stock Exchange, was a diversified company providing commercial loans, consumer lending, residential and commercial restoration, facility maintenance services, insurance adjusting services, construction management services and facilities and restoration franchise business. In early 2008, following a managerial restructuring, he was appointed “acting CFO” and designated corporate officer for SEC interface. In June 2009, as a result of the well-defined collapse of the mortgage and real estate markets, the Company filed a voluntary petition for relief under chapter 11 and was subsequently liquidated.

In December 1977, Mr. Alexander earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) degree from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL. He owned and operated a successful CPA practice from April 1982 through December 2006. Throughout his career, he has served as a member and chair of numerous charitable organizations to help provide needed services in his local community.

Michael S. Alexander
VP Corporate Finance

Mr. Michael S. Alexander, VP Corporate Finance, of Radiant Creations, began his career as Manager of Treasure Coast Private Equity, with a focus on technology and the development of start-up companies with patented or prototype products. He participated in equity market trading, including small cap, micro cap and options, and assisted with the acquisition and advancement of existing technologies. During his time there he was invited to become a Board Member for Greenwood Gold Mining, a small public company until December of 2010. In December, 2011, Mr. Alexander became the CEO and President of Technology River Investments, the predecessor to Treasure Coast Private Equity where Mr. Alexander was incremental in the acquisition and management of numerous portfolio investments on behalf of Technology River. Currently, Mr. Alexander serves as the VP of Corporate Finance at The Renewable Corporation (RNWB). Mr. Alexander is a graduate of the University of North Florida, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (Finance). He has been an active volunteer with a number of local philanthropic organizations, including The United Way of Martin County in Stuart, Florida.

Anthony A. Gedeon
Senior VP

Mr. Gedeon has worked with Radiant’s Dr. Li for the past 7 years to commercialize Radiant’s nucleotide technology for cosmetics and industrial applications. He presided over the ISO level documentation program for the nucleotide Sunblock, and he assists Dr. Li in the development to production of new cosmetic and OTC products.

June 2013 to Present - Sr. Vice President, The Radiant Creation Group, Inc. (RDGP). Radiant is marketing advanced genetic and combinational western and traditional Chinese Medicine based cosmetic and OTC products for DNA protection, anti-aging, acne, liver protection, hypertension, weight loss, and complexion rejuvenation. Mr. Gedeon has presided over the organizational, developmental, and production work for these products designed by his associate, Yin-Xiong Li, MD, Ph.D., the Chief Medical Officer of China.

January 2012 to Present - Vice President of Business Development - The Renewable Corporation (RNWB). Mr. Gedeon sold part of his technology holding company in medical products and self-sterilizing coatings to The Renewable Corporation and joined the company as the Vice President of Business development and technical head of its coating manufacturing subsidiary. The Renewable Corporation is a green and medical products public company with subsidiaries in medical facilities and asbestos tile encapsulation flooring systems, self-sterilizing and self cleaning surfaces for medical facilities and implants.

Surface Modifiction Technology, Orlando FL - CEO - Mr. Gedeon was one of the co-founders of SMT in November of 2003 with Dr. Steve Schachter, MD (Professor at the Harvard Medical School BIDMC), to exploit silicon chemistries in surface treatments for medical, bio-threat, emergency vehicle, and industrial applications. Mr. Gedeon was responsible for structuring the corporate strategy, raising capital, and populating the company and its advisory boards with quality individuals. He is co-inventor on the company’s patent on self-sterilizing coatings for medical facilities and emergency vehicles. He partnered with the Ford Motor Company in evaluating his technologies for automotive applications. Mr. Gedeon sold the company to the Renewable Corporation in January of 2012.

Mr. Gedeon spent 20 years in the Washington DC area marketing and developing a wide range of high technology products to for entities ranging from large corporations to new technology start-ups, and government departments. During his tenure in the Washington DC area, he co-owned a Congressional and Pentagon liaison company, The Columbia Bay Company, serving the guided weapons and communications industries. He specialized in obtaining congressional funding and creating strategic partnerships for major smart weapons programs. Mr. Gedeon was co-founder of a physics research company, served on a White House task force for Innovative Education, and served as a technical advisor to a senior staff member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on capabilities of foreign physics technologies for weaponization. Mr. Gedeon holds several patents in the electronics and chemical industries. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan in Electrical Engineering.

Yin-Xiong Li
MD., Ph.D., Professor

Dr. Li is currently a Chief Medical Officer and head of Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health in China, which covers all medical research and technical recommendations for over 800,000 related facilities. He is currently involved in setting up a licensing joint venture between Pfizer and the Chinese Government for a cancer-inhibiting drug. Dr. Li is further attempting to create a joint venture between China and the US to continue funding of his research to harvest adult stem cells, multiply the cells, and use them to eliminate the need for any liver transplants worldwide and other organ re-growth. Dr. Li was formerly an Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine (Gastroenterology and Cardiology), Pediatrics and Cell Biology, Duke University Medical School. Dr. Li has served on NIH grant boards and also was appointed to President Obama’s Stimulus Grant Board for medical research. He is considered one of the most productive geneticists in the world.

Dr. Li had the honor of his work being featured on the March 2007 cover of Nature’s “Laboratory Investigations Journal” for discovering a prevention for alcohol related birth defects. Dr. Li has developed a non-invasive monitor that can detect Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in pregnant women. The monitor also presents the technical promise of non-invasive sugar level testing and real time monitoring of critical parameters during anesthesia. After fourteen years of research, Dr. Li found and patented a method to prevent DNA damage in the skin from UV and radiation. This work has been developed into Renewable’s DNA sun block. It is expected to be used to lessen the risk of skin cancer from sunlight and to act a protection of skin during radiation procedures. Dr. Li has residences in both the US and China.

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